• Used to play this game years ago and knew you could change the server, just want to play against a friend and we cant find the same leagues as each other, i can only think the servers are the problem

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome back to OSM.
    Sorry, it's no longer possible to change server. However, if you joined a league via invitation or search (either manager name or league name) you'll be automatically moved to whichever server the league is.
    Also if you want to play with your friend you can ask him to invite you or you invite him depending on which one of you is the league's moderator or you either search for each other's user name depending on who is already in the league. Unless another manager is the league moderator which of course he has to send you an invitation to join the league or grant you access when you request access to join the league.
    Furthermore, if you play different versions of OSM (i.e the world/international version or Dutch version) it's also impossible to join each other's league.