Inconsistent server management and slow simulation.

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    Note: This is not my first time playing OSM as I have played this about 2 years ago.

    So I decided to download OSM again in my interest in management games and literal football (not the hand-egg). I set-up a new account and first I noticed once it was the match-time (about 4 a.m Sydney;Canberra). Right now is 3.38 p.m in the same day and I have yet to receive the match results. Obviously, I "am" (present tense) frustrated with the time taken to just simply simulate a match. Not only that, I remembered previously they had a event-by-event simulation in which we are reported with who scored the goals and other events during the simulation time. It is almost 12 hours since the simulation started and is not the promised "it will take a "few" hours to simulate". Please correct your inconsistency to manage your servers and prioritize the match-simulation since it is a big part of the game or you will lose more "consumers". I am a business student and I am confident with my ability to analyze long-term faults.