What about shirt sponsors?

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    I'm replying to this post as I believe Katilkobrao has the same query as I do. When I last played OSM (a couple of years now) you could choose 4 ground sponsors and 1 shirt sponsor. Having come back to the game yesterday, I was disappointed to see that there is STILL a frustrating lack of instructions, ie a basic How-To guide to how the game works/is played. I would have thought this would be the first post created (even a link to an unofficial pdf created by a member). Still, I struggled through, trying to learn the basics before my first game kicked off but, while I managed to get a grasp on most things quite quickly (in large part because I had played a LOT in the past), there were still things I couldn't find out, such as how to choose a shirt sponsor. More frustrating was the fact that I couldn't find anything in the forums to help me. I don't know for certain but I have to assume now that the shirt sponsor has been discontinued. Can someone confirm this please?

    I also note with dismay that I can no longer "watch" my match being played unless I use my tablet. If I use my PC there is no playback, just a summary, which also means that I go straight to my homepage where I can see the score before I see anything else, which anyone with an interest in football will tell you is not good. Finally (and apologies for adding extra comments), why does my screen insist on REPEATEDLY going back to the Control Centre? It means that if I have my squad list (or anything else) open in another tab, I can't check it after the match without it refreshing and changing. Any help would be appreciated, even if you need to answer me in another post or a PM. Many thanks and good luck, Katilkobrao.

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    Hi and welcome back to the game.
    It is true that shirt sponsor was discontinued when 3.0 was launched, reason why managers get to have free 1 boss coins to claim every six hours. Also the score board is now called match experience on 3.0 and GB are currently working on implementing it in the web in the future.
    As for your page refreshing after the match has been played has to do with your system updating the page with the new information at that time.
    Hope this helps?