A manager keep resigning and rejoining

  • Hi Mod,

    I just lodge a cheat complaint last sunday but none action taken.

    There is a guy in my league have 2 accounts. His primary team is Everton and another team is Chelsea at beginning. His Everton team use user name *** His Chelsea team user name *** something like that.

    During a season, using his Chelsea team he has sold some of his player to Everton way below value price. Then as he see his Chelsea team got no future he sold Hazard very cheap way below his value to Arsenal. Then he resign from Chelsea. The day after i see Arsenal sign a new manager and his name is *** or something like that, I mean he just change the alphabet. The reason he pick Arsenal is because Arsenal still playing in Cup eventhough left behind in the league title race. He sold some good Arsenal player to Everton in this case Carrasco way below his price too. Then he keep resign and rejoin and resign and rejoin I am not sure what he try to do.

    Yesterday after Arsenal knock out in Semi Final Cup he resigned. Today I don't know whether it is the same guy but there is a new Arsenal manager came in but this time no *** in the user name.

    I don't know how this thing happen but it did left bad feeling toward me. I mean I am really in love with football and love this game. I am committed to improve every aspect of my team. I mean I really enjoy this game at first, I didnt waste much time to improve the training, stadium & pitch and I train my player 3 times a day suddenly this things happen I feel it is not fair. Even after I complaint no action taken too.

    Please help investigate this and take necessary action.


  • English Moderator

    Hi, if you have made a cheat report then you have to be patient and wait for it to be handle. One report is enough and also know that cheating will never be discussed on forums.