Club slots locked

  • Hello there,

    I'm a player since 2008. I'm active again on OSM with some of my friends and playing in a competition.
    Now I wanted to join some other leagues too meanwhile but it says the club slots are locked?

    A second question: is there any manner you can 'upgrade' your account I know in the past you can pay money and get extra features.. like players with a crown before their name etc.

    Best regards

  • @HorizoN__NL Hi, welcome.
    Just to be sure is it on this account that you'll get the message that club slots are locked?

    To awnser your second question, no it's not possible to upgrade.
    Everyone has the same features and you now only pay for what you use.

  • @Hespera

    Meanwhile I have solved the problem of the club slots.. dno what I did but can manage more teams now..
    Thanks anyway

  • @HorizoN__NL Okay, then this topic can be closed.

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