• English Users

    As I'm sure many of you know online shopping has had huge growth over the past couple of years with many consumers opting to instead buy their groceries,clothes and gadgets all online.

    I've decided to make this topic to see what you, the players of OSM think of online shopping. I would like to know how you feel about online shopping, what you buy (groceries, clothes), if you don't (why?) and how you distinguish between a site that you trust to deliver the goods and one which you don't. Obviously there are many reason why people shop online (convenience,selections) and why they don't (fraud, lack of privacy) and I'd like to know which side you are on.

    Personally I only online shop for clothes as there is more selection online but still use the store for pretty much everything else. I usually buy from big brands such as River Island or JD so I don't have to worry about fraud.