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    I've played this game for a long time and I learned the hard way that it's a one-season game. The millions that I banked in my first season, that I assumed would do me some good in the future, simply disappeared after my last game. There was no manual to read and, several years later, it appears that's still the case. If that's wrong can someone please point me in the right direction?

    My question in a nutshell is this: do the new Boss Coins work the same way as game money? I don't want to blow it all on things I don't particularly need but nor do I want to see it disappear at the end of this season because I haven't spent it. The new "special offer" feature is an intriguing one - I'd like to know if it's worth using some of my boss coins on one of these offers or will I regret "wasting" them later when something else is needed? Specifically, if I start another season after this one, will I have a whole new batch of coins again, or will I have whatever I've got left after the last game?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Thanks also to the user who wrote the pdf that explained how the game works for noobs, it was a gem when I found it a few years ago. An updated version would be a great addition to the site.

    Thanks again.

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    Hello and welcome mate.
    No the boss coins don't work the same way as the club fund. The boss coins is like the 'private funds' and 'ticket days' as we have in the previous version of the game. With the coins you can create and customise Your Own league, use training camps, secrete trainings, compensate club funds, speed up timers, buy players off the scout, etc...
    When a league ends You receive some amount of coins according to the amount of manager points you earn at the end of the season, you get more when you use the advanced tools and you get less depending on how many advanced tools you use. So whatever you have left when the league ends remains as this is your personal token (like ticket days and private funds) you only lose what you invest in your club.