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    I realised that players (outfield) with rating above 80 will cost quite some club funds and 200+ BC. I'm fine with like a few boss coins but a few hundred is totally unacceptable. I have been playing this game for at least some years and last time OSM only charged 1 boss coin. Pls pls decrease the number of boss coins needed.

  • If the player you want to buy costs more then 1 bosscoin it means you have not enough club fund to buy the player.
    OSM will give you the option to buy the player, because he is on the transfer market. But because your club fund is to low you can buy the player with your boss coins.

  • It solely cost BC if the finances of your club are insufficient at the time. In that case, you compensate the shortage with BC. If you do not want to spend more BC, you can always try to sell a player first or wait till you have enough finances 😉

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    The above comments are spot on.

    @Sorgedon Mate again Boss coins is only mandatory when you buy a player from the TL you must pay one coin, when you use the scout you pay 15 coins, secret training 3 coins, training camps ranges from 10 to 500 depending on how many times you use it and when you play friendly matches you pay 4 coins per friendly. The rest features, the boss coins is optional.
    I don't see why you complain about everything when there isn't really anything to complain about.
    You can choose to use the coins if you want and you can choose not to if you don't want to.