Winning a friendly just after match

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    So I played a Barcelona team at home and we drew:
    RM-Barca: 0-0, 9-12 shots, 47-53 posession.
    My team Real Madrid 2nd position against Barcelona 1st position - 2 points difference in the league.
    Then immediately after the result I played friendly against them and won overwhelmingly:
    RM-Barca: 4-0, 16-5 shots, 64-36 posession.
    My team average is 105, Barca's barely 100, both played 433A.
    Now I just wonder is the game mechanics just messing with me or is there another factor when playing important matches?

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    Edit: His tactics is SOS with 433A, mine is PW with 433A.
    My team average strength is superior, my strikers are helping midfielders and fullbacks help in attack, how is my posession can be less than his?

  • @twoplustwo Hey man! I think the possesion is all about tactics,about pressure,style and tempo,maybe you should've played more offensive, especially you having a better team. Anyway, having equal statistics at the end shouldn't bother you, because as you probably know you can also win while your opponent dominated you. About the friendly game just after the match you should take in consideration that maybe his team wasn't complete anymore after the game and therefore you had that overwhelming win. And one more thing,as I read on another topic,on friendly games you can play tackling as agressive as you like,even reckless,because you can't get red cards and it also gives you extra advantage. Better luck next time. 😁

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    Thanks for the reply.
    About the friendly game, I didn't change anything in my tactics.
    There was only 1 yellow during the game which didn't affect the friendly game. So it was 11 vs 11, also all of my and their teams condition were above 90% after the game. I played with 75% attack, 81% pressure and 77 passing speed.

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    Nothing strange one can win all the one can win or lose all the games with same tactics...i never gave so much interest on the friendlies....please for tactics on league games or friendlies, please use the tactics request topic...