how do i play with 6 DMs 1 CM and 1 AM in midfield??

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    I am currently playing with Albania and the team is composed of 1 winger 3 CF

    about 6 defensive midfielders 1 central midfielder and 1 wide player and he's miles down the pecking order and they're too old to train anyway...

    the defenders are the only blend that makes sense

    my players are getting tired quickly and I can't rotate the squad as there is only 1 tactic that makes half sense...

    I can only train one of my strikers and that's during the off match time then I have to remember to log in and put him in the lineup or osm will play that 1 player that doesn't make sense the most...

    is it a bug or is it genuine please help

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    Hello mate, this is not a bug.
    Such an experienced manager like you should know that in OSM there is nothing like WF, CF, SS, DM, CM, RB, LB, CB, etc... We only have goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers regardless of his defense or attack ratings. In OSM A striker can play any position in attack likewise the other positions. Your Albanian team has a very large squad and as manager you should know how to utilise what you have as you play in league without transfers. You really should rotate your squad to keep the moral and fitness level of your team in shape, And try different formations and tactics to help you do that. Also, rather than training one attacker you should train all of your four attackers as this increases their training progression and they develop quickly and do same with the other positions.
    Make the best out of your team mate and good luck 👌