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    Dudeee... My Dortmund Season is almost over (2 matches left) and I only have 4 forwards: REUS, MORATA, AUBAMEYANG, GRIEZMANN. Griezmann has Been injured for the Three past games. So only three forwards were still available. Okay nothing weird here. BUT, tonight during a match against a lame computer team, AUBAMEYANG AND REUS WERE INJURED (yeah the both of them!!!!) FROM THE EXACT SAME INJURIES!!!! so I won't be able to play my 4-3-3 and win easily. What a weird coïncidence knowing that I'm in 1st position and EX ÆQUO (points) with the 2nd. I feel like the game is trying to ruin my season... OSM is just a mathematic trick

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    Hi, you could try selling your injured players for cheap if necessary and replace them with new players or try a formation with a lone striker.
    As a manager it's up to you to utilize your team at any time and situation.
    Good luck..... 🆗