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    Hi does it matter if i put a LB like Alaba at RB, does this affect how he plays as hes a natural LB, or does it no affect the player at all considering he is a fullback? Likewise with wingers, does it matter which side i put wingers on, like Bale, he is a RW and is it ok if i put him at LW or will this affect him badly in game?

  • It doesn't affect the game or the result of the games you play

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    So i have Lahm 95 rated and Alaba 96 rated who shall i put at RB

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    Hello, putting any defender at right back or left back doesn't affect the game likewise midfielders and attackers because in OSM only the player position is considered so a defender can play anywhere in defense likewise other players in other positions. They only perform badly when they are played outside their position like playing a defender in a midfield or attacking position.
    It's totally up to you whichever player you put in any position.