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  • Happy talking to you
    My name is Layth, I'm a coach in a game
    I am from the State of Palestine
    I want to help you agree to work on adding the Palestinian league to the game, knowing that in 2011 the Palestinian league existed previously
    When asked how to add the league, I was told that you should be provided with information about the Palestinian league.
    I am ready to be a volunteer for the game in order to be a volunteer to provide you with all the official data and information documented in order to add the Palestinian league ..... All Palestinian coaches will be very happy to add their country league
    It will be my own dream if you agree to add the Palestinian league

    Please agree to add the Palestinian Premier League
    Very happy with thee



  • Hi @Layth-Fawzi-Manasra, you can check your chat. I have sent you a message about this 🙂

  • I would love to see Kosovo League created. As a country we are doing very well on nation league we are as first and passed very good nations and also on EU qualifiers we won very strong teams and we seems promising. The league is very impressive now we have good teams that they did great on europa league and now we invest a lot in our clubs we gonna have great team out there in CL and EL. As a big community of Kosovo we have lots of strong crews and lots of strong managers at the end of the day we are a lots of Kosovo players that play this game we would be very respectful if we can see and have our league. We can provide any info you need about everything.

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