My Winnig Streak

  • **I completed 25 matches and i got 100 coins but i wanted to buy a player with my savings and the coins i got, i had 109 boss coins it was supposed to be 209 so when i paid for the player i was short in money so i had to pay 93 boss coins and that was alright for me, but when i pressed ok i didn't get the player as someone got him before but my coins didn't come back....please fix this quickly i need my boss coins

  • @steve-parkr yeah i understand what happened to you as it happened to a friend of mine but my problem is that i had my money on my bank balance as i always transfer my savings to my bank when i open a club i manage, i made sure before i pressed ok that i had the money that can cover the player plus the coins that's why i was late for buying him and someone beat me to him

  • This bug must be removed ASAP.

  • @a-h-bedo Hi, welcome.
    What are you complaining about... missing BCs from achievements or BCs spent purchasing a player and didn't got the player and BCs remained converted in Club funds?

  • yes the latter but those BCs i got from an achievement but yeah i spent them and didn't get the player or the BCs

  • @hespera why don't you answer me man...i will bad rate the game for good...

  • @a-h-bedo Since you are thinking threatening is the way to go this topic will be closed.
    In the mean time you can cool down, if you simply doesn't seem to understand that we are still in holiday period and even I do have my own life outside osm, the same goes for the other staffs mods. You can create a new topic when you did cool down.

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