Defensive Forward Players

  • Hi guys. I am playing this game for 6 years. I still cannot understand game engine. So i want to ask 2 questions. First About defensive forward players. What are their difference from other forwards? Second question . I try a lot of formation with a lot of tactics but i cant win. Does the game engine let us to win with only stereotyped tactics?

  • heyyyy?? any people to answer

  • English Moderator

    Hi, defensive forwards (winger forwards) are players whose real life position is attacking from the wings and sometimes can provide support for the full backs. The main difference from main forward (center forward) is their ability to play from the wings. However, in OSM they can play from the wings or from the middle depending on what you prefer or what works for you.
    As a manager it's up to you figure out what tactics works best at any situation. However, you can request tactical insights here

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