Suggestion !!! Adding new category to Forums

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    Many team games are more attractive, more active, more competitive and exciting, and they are organizing tournaments between small and large organizations and individual teams. In order for this tournament participation rate to be high, it is necessary to announce it. Lakin is hardly possible for this shaman, because there is no space or space where such senses can be made. Lastly, the lucky bi forum has been created with this topic, and the tournament announcements on this forum may be confusing to tournament information because they will be in one forum. So the introduction of a category that my proposal tournaments can be announced on to the forums does not cause any confusion because each tournament in that category will be composed of separate forums. I do not think it would be difficult to add this category.

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  • Hi, welcome.
    I really need you to take a very good look in this topic community-global-non-official-events-advertisement

    It has been made very clear, why this will not happening for now.
    Opening a new topic suggesting the samething as in that topic will not change that and there for this topic will be closed.