• English Users

    i sent you an email reporting an issue happened lately when trying to transfer players in or out but the support team stopped responding.

    anyway my email suddenly removed from my profile and the game app asked me to add an email to my profile so i can transfer players.
    i did that and clicked the activation link your system sent to me on my email.
    the email on my profile has now been changed and activated but the app still asks me to enter my email address on my profile so i can transfer players !!
    btw i deleted the game and installed it again , i logged out of my profile on the app and logged in again but none of these solved the problem.
    is there a way this can be fixed?

  • @asem-edelbi Support team doesn't stop responding, but support team can have been busy days with emails. So sometimes if you think it's taking to long then just reply to the message for a reminder.