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    I agree with Russia. Till now they don´t have problems with this team. Russia has a great history with many nations and till now nobody had problems with them, only Paraguay. Russia is nearly the same as Soviet Union only smaller countries became independent.

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    The flags are only flags, and not it is not the same like Argentina can for example represent Paraguay. Paraguay wasn´t part of Argentina(in the last decades) and you aren´t related to Paraguay. And it is good that till now nobody had problem with Russia´s nationalities, only you...
    The today´s football: there are black people playing for example in France or England-they say they are French and English. Most of them haven´t even born in France and England. So I don´t know why is it problem for you. Ukraine and Uzbekhistan were the part of Soviet Union which was one country, so they were born in the same country.
    What if they have two nationalities, Ukranian and Russian as well? For example I live in Slovakia, I am Slovak citizen, but I have Czech and Hungarian nationality.
    Now if Catalonia will be independent country, they won´t have OSM team, people from Barcelona for example will play in the Spanish team as well.
    First think about what position are they in. You can´t 100% understand them.

  • Group 😄
    R: 3/22
    :flag_sk: SVK 381
    :flag_hu: HUN 986
    Dif: 605
    Crews total: 1367

  • @sir-varga-sándor no, no, you do not understand anything First, Paraguay and Argentina (along with Chile, Bolivia and Peru) were part of a state called "United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata", so there was a link.Paraguay and Argentina at the moment are NOT RELATED, are countries, states, territories differents. Now, you say Russia has a history with the states that are independent today. Being an independent state, they lose any link with Russia. If these states can not make their own selection, it would be good for them to link with the other countries separated from Russia (although it would not see it fair for countries that do not have that possibility and should remain with the desire to form a selection). The fact is that Russia is big enough, has enough managers like p to form a national team without needing to call people from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia or any other country.

  • @catupecu_machu

    What you are talking about was centuries ago, not in human lifes. For example in Europe in these ages where so big changes that for example my cousins(20 years old) were born in Czechoslovakia and I already in Slovakia.
    But they were born in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc. which was in one country with Russia. They speak Russian as well, it was their homelands language.
    Your case is very different.
    And I said Catalonia: I would see what would do any other country if they would lose some of their managers. They would do the same as Russia.

  • @giouzzz Is not it the right place to discuss the alignment of a team that is participating in this tournament? Forgiveness, where can I leave my complaint?

  • And the most important: THIS IS ONLY GAME!

  • @catupecu_machu said in WNT 2017/2018 (English only):

    @giouzzz Is not it the right place to discuss the alignment of a team that is participating in this tournament? Forgiveness, where can I leave my complaint?

    I won´t say anything for this...

  • wait wait, there was no human life? It's amazing what I have to read hahaha. I think the Soviet Union was part of the past, but if Russia wants to continue playing that way, I encourage them to put the real name of their team. It still shows the nostalgia they have to the past, in the end the only dependent is Russia that is seen with the need to call people from other countries.

  • @catupecu_machu

    Than if in the Romanian ice hockey team play almost only Hungarian players they should be called Austria-Hungary? Nonsense...

    The country you are talking about was in the 19th century. Do you have people till then? 😆 😆

    Their people were born there and they are still alive, it was 26 years ago only.

  • I think that here is not discussed whether or not we agree, because at the end of the day that defines the organizers .. Here is what to keep in mind is that if they want to join several countries and play a battle can participate in tournaments like the wcc, as this is a CURRENT tournament of current countries and not countries of history.

  • Libya vs Poland

    Round 2/22

    difference 193
    alt text

  • Colombia vs Brasil


  • Uruguay vs El Salvador l 2/22

    alt text

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  • Group F:
    :flag_ma: Morocco vs Switzerland :flag_ch:

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  • Uruguay vs El Salvador l 3/22

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