Access problems on IOS app

  • Dear support,

    I cannot login on OSM on the ios app. When I open OSM in the webbrowser on my phone, I get a message that I can download the app from the appstore. But it seems to download a version in which it wants me to login to the Dutch version instead of World. But I don't have an account there....

    How to fix this?


  • @texohara Hi, welcome.

    Please check you're iphone language and see if it's on Dutch by any chance, apple sometimes changes language.

  • Sorry, it has nothing to do with that I get the wrong language. I am Dutch. But it seems to me that there are two versions of OSM namely OSM NL and OSM World (and maybe more). The app wants me to connect to a different database.

  • @texohara Hi, yes it has to do with that.
    Language need to be changed to EN, then redownload app and you should see that you are able to login to the right version.

  • Sorry, you are right. This works now. Thanks a lot!

  • You're welcome, then it's now time to close this one :wink:

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