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    a few days ago I had to uninstall the OSM app, that worked like a charm, from my iOS device.

    Now that I re-installed it, I don't get any notification.
    When I first started I didn't get any notification request, and even in system notification settings there is no trace of the OSM app in the list.

    I tried several times to delete and re-install the app, even after/before device restars with no luck.

    What can I try to do? Game is almost unplayable without notifications.


  • When you setup a training, stadium expansion or spy you should get a popup requesting you for notifications.
    If you already did one of those things and still don't have notifications then maybe you dismissed the popup by accident. You should reinstall the app and try again in that case.

  • @vangolle Hi,
    I have Apple Developer Account, so i have acces on iOS 11. Yesterday, i put iOS 10 on my iPhone.
    On iOS 11 i didn't get notifications, but in iOS 10, i get. If you have iOS 11, you can try that:
    Go on settings -> Notifications -> Search for OSM -> Check if all is activated.

  • @vangolle Hi, welcome.
    Please check out this topic common-questions and you will find the awnser.
    Time to close this.