Recalculation of points from previous version

  • Polish Users

    I have question about recalculation of points from previous version of OSM. I play OSM since year 2005. On my main account I have more than 3000 games and about 2000 wins in games. But on my main account I have only 27000 of manager points. I think that for more than 10 years impossible to get only 27000 points. In previous verions I had 1000 place in ranking after update I am 30000. So I would like to know how was looking recalcation of points from previous version.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    the counting of manager points has been changed a couple of years before. I'm not sure if the below numbers are 100% correct, but you can get the idea of how the system works now :

    Points earned in the past 180 days count 100%
    Points earned between 180 and 700 days ago count between 99% and 1% (on a sliding scale)
    Points earned over 700 days ago count 1%

    Hope that helps you. 😉