what happens?

  • During my **** I noticed a player who had 4 accounts as a screen I reported him all his various accounts because he passed the players by no means..and what's the last game I'm going to retire being stronger despite being Had taken good players and lost 1 to 0 ... the end of the story..2 of his teams, which the moderators did not brag, won cup and championship and I first had to come under one point compared to him ... I now try to signal it but do not even get the activation email

    I'm angry and disappointed.

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    Hi, welcome.
    Did you also checked spambox?
    Sometimes the mails end up there.

  • i have see spambox , but the first e-mail I've sent them over days; 6-7 mail and then i have activate in the normal post ..so 2 of 4 team which had the cheather he has them lost but 2 the better have remainer and win After attempting to report...

  • other e-mail what i have activated against this player , They have not been successful for no reason -.-'' he has nickname similar this ...*** etc.

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    Well it will not be discussed or reported through our forums at all.
    So if you already reported it succesfull then you should wait till it's handled, sent in one report is enough. For the above reason I will close this topic now.