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  • Hi,

    I recently started to play OSM on my iPhone. It automatically was playing via my Game Center account. Then I bought some of those manager coins to start an own competition. But now every time I close the app for a while an start it back up I only have the option to log in again, which I can't because it should do that automatically because of my Game Center. Then I have to delete the app and reinstall and it logs in again automatically. I find this very unhandy because I reinstalled a dozen times and can't login on for example the mobile site because that's not connected with apple's Game Center. Would like to know how to fix this!

  • @Ggggggggyl_NL Hi,
    i have iPhone, and game center didn't affect my phone. Maybe you do something wrong in settings. And log in, in app didn't have any trouble with Game Center, cuz OSM profile data, is save on OSM data base, not on Game Center Cloud to restore it. So, you cann try to log out of game center, reinstall OSM, and.. tell me if now works.

  • @gabyadrian no because this is what happens: I log in, and I see "Welcome Back Qillenijs" from Game Center, but the game tells me to pick a team, as if I'm new, and when I actually do it doesn't load... but of course I already have a team... deleting the app and install again helps, then my account shows up... what the hell??

  • @Ggggggggyl_NL Hi,
    you can try reset your phone on firmware settings. And next maybe you'r data will be saved.
    Game center isn't a reason for what happen to you.

  • Hi, in this case you really need to contact our Dutch support team:

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