Continue season bug

  • So im hosting a league and all the matches have been played. On the timers, it says its 9 hours till the end of the season and i just cant set up the following season.
    Everytime I set up the next season with moderator tools and press "continue league" it shows a message that says: "you cant change rhe advanced tools of your current season".
    Does this mean i will lose my coins? Its much cheaper to continue the league I have with my friends than start a new one from zero...

    Please help!

  • @thereal-rami Hi, if you want to report it as a bug then please fill in the complete bug template that you can find here: important-info-please-read).

    If you can't continue the league then you also don't loose boss coins, but it's indeed cheaper to coninue a league.

    Don't forget a full screen of the message that you'll get (including date/time stamp)

  • @hespera I now tried to continue the league with a PC (I was trying to do it with my cellphone previously) and now it worked. It seems the bug is just for the phone app.

  • @thereal-rami Okay, then for now I will close this topic.
    Since there's not much that can be done without the bug template and you already managed to continue it through website.

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