Still cant get this to work.

  • I still cant get my problem to work. I have turned off Club Funds compensation and Timers, but still it costs "tokens" to play friendly games and to buy players from the transfer window.
    We want to turn "tokens" completely off!
    I've now started two leagues now for nothing, and it has costed me real money both times.
    We are 13 friends who are waiting to get started..

    Thanks for the help.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, when you go to the advanced tools you find only the features in which you can turn off the use of coins and there isn't options for transfers and friendlies.
    You cant turn off the use of boss coins for these features (means you must always use boss coins when using them);

    • Transfers
    • friendlies
    • buying players off the scout
    • secret trainings &
    • training camps