When I bought a player, the system has use my coins insted of my money.

  • When I bought a player, the system has use my coins insted of my money. I had enough money for buy it, and my money wasnt on private founds. I changed it before.
    I usually use the app, maybe something on the browser bugged.

    Please can someone help or can I contact a moderator or someone of the staff for fix this.

    I'm really upsted about this.

    0_1505152833611_OSM bug.PNG

  • sory..i dont knowe

  • @hulk-12

    Hello OSM community,

    It's been 12 day and no one has reply.

    Can someone help me about this bug and fix it? Is this topic the best way for look to help?

    I'm a managar on OSM since 2009 and it's the first issue I got.

    Greetings, Hulk 12

  • English Moderator

    @hulk-12 Hi, welcome.
    You probably have had the money on you're savings account and the boss coins where used.
    Otherwise you need to proof it with before and after screens (full screenshots including time/date stamp.

    As for now there's not much we can do.

  • @hespera

    Good night, glad to have an answer

    I've take this screenshot when the bug occur, wich ones do you need more? Just tell me all the info you need, I just want to fix this, I'm rly upset about this situation. Wasting arround 2000 coins when I didnt need to....

    Thx again, Greetings Hulk 12

  • English Moderator

    @hulk-12 Well the amount of BC used was also info that was needed.
    Since you've mentiont the amount already I will see what I can do for you.

  • English Moderator

    @hulk-12 I'm sorry but nothing can be done in this case.
    You're money was on savings account at the moment you've bought the player.
    So for next time, please make sure the amount of money is on you're balance and not on the savings account.

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