Attributes of the players which one transferred to another team

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    Date & Time of the bug: Always
    Platform: Android
    Bug step-by-step Description: If someone sells his player to another team which one is playing in the different league i can not see the attributes player has.

  • @Kaymaagk Hello again Tarik. ☺

    If I understood you correct, this is not a bug or problem. It is the normal thing for the game.
    Any player that is placed on the Transfer List to be sold can be clicked and we can view his characteristics.
    But from the moment he gets sold and leaves your own league there is no reason to show these attributes any longer, he is gone and out of the league you play. We can only check upon any player that is active in our leagues (ours or of our opponents in the same league) and we can also check the new players that enter ( by the OSM engine ) the Transfer List in order to get bought from us in the following rounds.