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    Hello, darlings. Smoking warning !!

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    We all wonder of those people who refuse to live happy and healthy life, they choose to live miserable life intentionally! They want to commit slow suicide, you may ask your self whom are they, they are the smokers.
    As we know that our age is full of experiments and discoveries, these experiments may become one day a bad or fatal habits that lead people to death. Smoking is considered one of those habits.
    Unfortunately, that most smokers know that this unpleasant habit causes many diseases to them. Perhaps you would care to know that it has an adverse effect on lymph nodes, pituitary glands, nerves centers, heart, blood pressure and lungs, regardless of its fiscal disadvanes.

    How to quit smoking?

    These are practical steps, but we need deeds not words:

    • Delay the usual time of smoking, e.g. if you are smoking every day at morning, try to delay it to the afternoon, then try again to delay it to the night. The desire of smoking will reduce gradually.

    • Try to avoid the places or attitudes that remind you with smoking. Most likely, you will be longing for smoking but you have to hold your horses.

    • learn new hobbies and sports to fill your time as a trial to distraction from smoking.
      In fact, they are more and more ways to quit smoking, but we want to notice that you have to put in your consideration the appropriate time and place, not to mention the praying and ask Allah to help you. If you do it, you will be obedient to Allah and held in respect from all people.
      Finally, we hope that all smokers quit smoking and choose to live the happy and healthy life both now and in the hereafter. May the grace and peace of Allah be with you.

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    The end . 😃