Got no coins

  • I reached 25 winners in a row, but i didn't get the coins for it. There was a text: "Hoops, something went wrong", but Hungarian: "Hoppá, valami nincs rendben", and no coins. It's not fair!!!

  • Thanks for no answers...

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    The moderators are doing this in their own free time which means it can sometimes take a while before they respond.

    As for you problem, you will have to post a screenshot with you managername in it of that specific achievement so that you have proof that you have completed the achievement, but didn't got the Bosscoins for it.

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    Thanks Eddie and then there's also the fact that no proof of that has been added to the report.
    Full screens from before and after you received the achievement.
    Without the screenshots we are unable to help, so we are waiting for you're respons or proof if you can provide that.

  • Thanks. But I can't get a photo before, because I can't travel through back time... I Didn't know, that I get no coins, so I didn't make a photo...
    Thanks for the help. Next time I make a photo from every achievement.

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    @makikiot Okay then for now I will close this topic.

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