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    I'm currently playing a middle-level club in a small league and I like to roleplay a little bit. For my situation, it would be unrealistic to buy many foreign players from big leagues (who the scout keeps suggesting) or random foreign players (from the transfer list). I've been trying to buy local young talent from the other teams in my league but it's difficult because:

    1. Other managers keep selling them away and replacing them with players from the transfer list or the scout so all the local players "disappear"
    2. Computer managed teams seem very reluctant to sell in general

    So my question is, is there any other way I can get young players from the national league (or the league below)?


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    Hi, you can only buy players from your league by making offers to the team the player plays for regardless if the team is managed by the computer or human managers.
    But for buying players outside the league you can use the scout or the transfer list.