Removal Of Club Slot 2

  • I recently joined the game; been enjoying my time here till i got offered that i can manage two clubs at once; i didn't fully realized what are the terms because i'm unfamiliar with the style of the game. I took the risk out of curiosity now i am so in trouble. Now "The Club Slot 2" taken over and does not allow me to manage my first team. I am not interested in managing two clubs at once. I just wasn't sure what the whole thing is about. Because managing two clubs at once is pretty unrealistic anyway. I want it gone; i want to remove it, Please someone help me!!! i'm so pissed off, in two days i have a game with my original team with a tone of stuff to take care; this is stressing me out. PLEASE HELP!!

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    Hello and welcome to OSM and forums.

    • it's not possible to remove slot two from your account.
    • Actually, you don't really have a problem here, and your team in slot 1 isn't lost. All you have to do is just switch between your slots and then you can manage up to 4 teams from your 4 slots if you want to.
      You can switch slots by clicking on your "manager name icon" on the top left corner of your screen - then click on "career". This will take you to your career page where you can then choose any of the slot you want to access on your account.

  • @king_jamiu_10 Thank you so much! So what exactly happens to the Slot 2 ? Do i have to forcefully manage it or i can find this opportunity to resign and withdraw it? Is it even possible to continue with 1 slot team by team, season by season forever!?

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    • Your slot 2 still is available and can be accessed whenever you want.
    • Yes, you have the option to resign from slot 2 if you want to but after your first game has been played though, but note that the resignation will be added to your profile plus you won't be able to re-join that same league again if you regret your decision in future.
    • And yes, you can keep using your slot one as long as you like. Teams after teams, season in season out.