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    The very first element i've noticed when i entered the game was the fact that not all the leagues and their teams display and represent the actual realistic logos. This factor was one of the very reasons i've chosen Serie A as my starting campaign for playing the game because the teams had the actual logos. In opinion the more realistic the details be; the game feels more passionate and real. I was wondering if anyone feels the same? Or is it even just me who's seeing like that? Is the differences between App and PC stands in between? Furthermore, if this scenario applies to everyone; i really would submit this as my strongest suggestion for the improvement of the game. Teams must have actual logo. This makes the game entirely realistic and makes you feel it better. Just my opinion.

  • My idea is: ALL logos or NO logos definitely.
    I don't like some leagues with logos and players pictures, and other leagues without logos nor players photos.

    This is a license problem, but for non licensed teams you can create similar logos to real without having licenses