Slot Points

  • Hi
    is there a way which i can see which slot i have the most manager points due i have a very well history but still i am not good in the rankings ?!


  • @mr-angel You are aware of the fact that manager points contain less value after a certain amount of time?

    There is no particular way of seeing your manager points from the day that you started.

    With some work you can do it yourself. Click on this url. It will lead you to your own trophy cabinet. Sort it on club slot. After sorting it you should be able to copy everything below 'all seasons' into excel. As it's already sorted you can easily select all your manager points from the different club slots.

  • English Moderator

    Thanks Timo 👍

    @mr-angel also you can check how many points you have on each of your slots and overall total when you go to your profile