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    I send this from my 4th BOSS Ján many times by application:

    Transfers between **** and **** are illegal. They
    buy **** times. After transfers with ****. Today transfers with ****.
    From one team to
    second for very small price, reverse for big price. Everybody know to
    win with more teams... I would like to confirm by email, but I dont
    received still nothing.

    But I still dont received aby email from you. I dont know why. These unfair transfer
    between this two club are continuing min 7-8days! ***** league is top
    short and its needed little quickly action. Or Everybody can manage more

    Best regards,
    OSM fan Ján

  • Hi, welcome.
    Trying to report it through forums, will not work.
    You've reported it already so you need to be patient and wait, since you are not the only one that reports a cheater.

    You know very well that it's not allowed to have more then one account, this topic can be closed since it will not be discussed or reported through forums.