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  • How effective you are in terms of negotiations? Not so long ago i joined in; for building my team; i might do business moves on a consistent level according to my needs and my thoughts. When i want to sell and purchase players; i find it extremely difficult to deal with real coaches. They give me heart attack till replay to a simple offer. It's so unattractive. One time i had to wait three days and still i received no answer. This is while matchdays are daily. If you can't check your platform even once within 24 hours; why would you join this game? like what's the point if you can't communicate within the league. So i always have to make it work with the transfer list. It's easy and quick. But i'd rather put the money in the coach's pockets rather than potentially computers! But it seems people just can't stick to the game and be updates to the details. It's so annoying!

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    There are numerous reasons why human managers fail to respond to transfer offers from other managers in their league, some of which I list below:

    1. Commonly the most annoying is an offer for a 'star' player for too low an amount (75% - 150% of actual value) . Let's say a player has a value of £10 million, then receiving an offer that falls below all other players on the transfer list of a similar age and player rating is unlikely to receive acceptance. How is that seller going to replace his undersold player with another player of better quality?. If the seller wishes to sell the player you are chasing, his best bet is to go for a maximum return and that can only be gained by placing the player on the transfer list at 2.49999 times the players actual value, which would be £24.99 million. The object of transfer dealings is to slowly increase the quality or size of your squad. It doesn't happen overnight and can take most of the season to improve it adequately. There are too many factors that govern transfer success to go into here. As you gain experience you will pick up the necessary skills. The are various exceptions, when a manager may accept low or even silly offers, such as when they are having difficulty selling players to raise a particular player or a special offer player becomes available and insufficient funds are held. It may be the case a manager has too many players in their squad or in a certain position or has suffered a number of injuries or suspensions through red card or yellow accumulation and needs to quickly buy a player to 'plug a gap' in their squad. It is easier to sell players of a low value than higher valued players, which may stick on the transfer list for a lengthy period, so by selling a player at less than their fair value will allow that manager to continue to train players and improve their stadium, if they were particularly low in funds.
    2. The manager to whom you have sent an offer may not choose to sell to any team in that league, especially a team in direct competition with them.
    3. The manager receiving the offer could just sit on the request as a method of preventing you from improving your team. The longer your request sits in his inbox, he can improve his team faster than you. Also, interest is lost whilst an offer is outstanding, as you can't transfer all your funds to 'savings' before simulation each evening. Part or all your funds are tied up whilst your offer is open.
    4. Many managers have very limited amount of free time and all available time is spent in setting up their team(s) for that evenings matches and dismiss all offers or maybe just those stupidly low offers that most managers nowadays seem to make.
    5. Managers are not obligated to sell their players to all or any team putting in an offer. Depending on the player, even if you offered the maximum possible amount, you only stand less than 5% chance of success. If a replacement can't be obtained from the transfer list, with a higher rating or better qualities, then there is no point in selling for any amount of money.

    I invariably receive at least 5 pitifully low offers each season, most attempting to get me to sell them my leading scorers or highly rated goalkeeper. Why should I sell them one of my best players at any form of discount - how can that benefit me?

    There are tactics and strategies that may allow the sale of a player at a discount - sell to a team in a lower position than your team who is due to play against your main challenger in the league for the title. Maybe that transferred player makes a difference and allows his new team to perform above expectation against your league rival, maybe gaining a draw, or even better, a win.

    I could write a book about the subject of transfers, but have rambled on too long already.

  • @neil-warn Thank you for the response. It was nice to read all this. However; i find some of the points you have made invalid. Tho they are reasonable. What i mean is; some of the actions you have described; if people really do those; i would call it immature and childish. Firstly; i am generally very well familiar with any sort of Transfer market exchanges as i've done it for many years throughout video games. Secondly; good or bad; i'm somehow highly sensitive and take my games very seriously. I analyse very closely and make my decisions wisely and considerable. Thus if i make an offer; that means it's been well-analyzed. So generally; whether i make low or high offer; or whether the opposite is willing to sell a player or not. Not replaying is immature. Those who involve in the game must really practice some professionalism and equal relation. Play the game like matures and respond well! half of the things you have describe still can't justify the fact that coaches leave the offer just like that without a reasonable on-time replay. It's sad that some people feel they need to behave like this!

  • @neil-warn Your third point is partially wrong.
    We can get interest whilst an offer is withstanding.
    You need to put money in club funds before making offer and in savings after making one happen.

  • @anshuronaldo *after making the offer. 🙂