Not getting any support reporting cheaters

  • Hi.

    I have sent two reports on a cheater in one of my seasons who has two clubs and is making ridiculous transfers between them.

    Player names:

    Nobody is acknowledging my cheating reports. It's been over 72 hours. I have sent follow up emails.

    I have spent a bunch of money on this game and am very upset that cheating isn't being dealt with in a timely fashion. I am considering uninstalling the game and never providing another cent, as I do not feel like a valued customer.

    Will this be acknowledged or also ignored? Please assist.


  • Oh and yes I emailed the mailbox.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.

    When you have sent a official cr through or system you need to be patiënt and wait it will not always handled within that time frame.
    Trying to report it by forum or email will not work, since their is only one way to report cheaters.