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    I have some questions about the AI (artificial intelligence) of this game.

    First of all I have been noticing that the AI of this game will buy players for a ridiculous amount of money. So I was wondering. What if you buy a player from a AI and sell it for the maximum amount you can ask for. I have tried it with a couple of players and they got sold in like a day. I also noticed that some of the managers at my leageu do the same thing. Buy and sell.

    Here comes my question. What are the variables for a AI to buy players? Is it just the money you ask or is there a algorithm for?

    I have learnd that theoretically if you buy a player worth 18mil for lets say 26mil you can put the same player at the transferlist for over 45mil. that means that you have a profit of 20mil with 1 player and I have 1 player ath the tranfer list for 45mil but it looks like the AI doesnt want to buy it.

    I am pretty sure that someone already have found the sweetspot of players to buy and sell.

    I would like to have some of the information that you guys have gathered.

    Kind regards

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    • There's no minimum or maximum amount which computer buys players.
    • Transfers are random, so no guarantee when a player would be sold.
    • The type of player you buy is up to you to decide.