Repeated cheating

  • There is a manager in one of the league in Which i play, for 3 consecutive days he make fake accounts to manage the teams that will face me " 2nd place " and another player "1st place" in the league, and make these teams stronger and go to camps,
    and after the matches finish he resign and stop the accounts.

    His main accounts and the 2 daily new accounts open in the same time, from the same country!!! That prove that these accounts belonging to him.

    I make many cheating reports but no thing happen,

    how can i solve this problem ?!!!

  • @ahmed-taha94 Hi mate

    Go on his profile and you'll see the option Report a Cheater

    Note: Cheating isn't supposed to be discussed on the forums

    Kind Regards

  • @lirind yes I did .. twice !!

  • Some problems like that not only make players leave the leagues, but also may push them to abandon the game totally 😑

  • English Moderator

    Hi, if you already made a report then you have to be patient till its handled. Posting it on the forums won't help.

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