In the slot 1 I won 10000 manager point and the rank shows that the maximum I have is 1623 in the 4!

  • I won more than 10000 points in the slot 1 won,but in the ranking puts that where i won more whas in the slot 4 and this is 1623.In the rank also, puts that in the slot 1 I only won 1000 points.

  • @alexpol2106 Hi mate

    The reason is this:

    Points from last 180 days will count 100%.
    Points earned on next 520 (from 180 until 700) days will count less on different levels of percentage until they are ultimately counted at 1%.
    All points older than 700 days will count 1% for your total.

    Kind Regards

  • English Moderator

    Hi, the above is correct and I'll also like to add that points earned from leagues are only added to the slot used in playing that league. Hence, each slot also has its own separate ranking.