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    I was thinking; it's not really fair when active coaches get hunted by those who pick up a team to manage; then just leave without submitting a resignation. Just like that they turn inactive which makes the league more difficult to handle. Because; you can't trad players with the inactive club. The atmosphere of the league gets potentially boring due the fact that you know the inactive club is actually not challenging at all and it's equal to invisible ghost on the standing table. It decreases the competitive spirit of the game. Also; it doesn't give opportunity to others to come and join the mid season. All it does is to make everyone stuck in the middle.

    So i wishing that we could come up with a new update on the engine and programming of the game. So the system automatically resign those coaches who become inactive for a certain amount of the time. This responsibility can be written as the Board's duty. Even get mentioned by News Headlines when done. This way; people get freed out of this situation; opportunities will be opened for others join; and also; there won't be any further negative records on the person's profile. (Taking notice that someone could be away accidentally due life difficulties or something) by automatic resignation; we do them a favor too. They get to be free with no negative record on their resume. Because most of the time the team goes only downgrade when it's not being coached properly.

    I firmly hope this be taken under consideration. because i believe it can improve the game magnificently. I'm just here for a month and in such a short notice; i've already observed complains about how difficult it can be to deal with inactive teams. I've been dealing with this in my very first seasons too and it's disturbing.

    Looking forward to other opinions!