Transfer Market

  • I have a lot of questions here. I manage Bayern Munich in European Champions Group A. I have already played 2 matches and won both of them.

    Here are my queries:

    1.) How do we access the transfer list apart from seeing the players my fellow league rivals have?

    2.) I can't seem to sell or buy any player if I try to transfer list the player it doesn't happen as the sell button is gray, same thing happens if I try to buy a player. Is there any specific step to activate the transfer window?

  • You can access the transfer list by going to Team -> Transferlist


    But before that you will need to activate your account! Check your e-mail that you use for OSM and then you can activate your account. If there is no e-mail or you don't know what e-mail you use, check your profile here:

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    the league you are playing is a special league that transfers are not allowed...that's why you can not sell or buy players...