• English Users

    Why isn't anything being done about blatant cheating in this game?
    The same player can control 4, 5, 6 or more clubs in the same league, buying up all the good players for 70% into his main club and letting the other clubs go bankrupt. Reporting this player many times (10 times already) has no results.
    This is a disgrace. Blatant cheating like this doesn't even require a real, human moderator to detect and act upon. If I can detect it by looking at the league transfer history, then a simple computer algorithm can too. But even with the existing system, my 10 reports have no effect even as the cheater continues to play in my league. He is even waging training camps with his 'throwawa' clubs against the other leaders like myself. for 10 boss coins a pop.
    How long will this continue, I ask you?!

  • English Moderator

    Hi, reporting or posting about cheating will do no good since we don't discuss cheating on the forums. Also if you have made a report all you can do is wait and be patient till its handled.