Can't get into my own OSM league

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    my username is harrythomas1205
    i have recently created a league called "we like fat lines".
    i am the moderator however i have been kicked out.
    i have then tried to re-join the league however i cannot as i need to be accepted by the moderator even though i am the moderator but i am not able to accept as i am no longer in the league.
    i joined another league in slot 1 where that league was but i cannot leave as it is in pre-season. However i do have another spare 3 slots.
    kind regards,
    Harry Thomas

  • @harrythomas1205 Hi, welcome.
    Mate it's not needed to report this at more places, choose one email or forum.
    This way it's unnesesary extra work, for the above reason this topic will be closed and you will have to wait.