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  • Appeal from the head of the Russian team.
    In the Battle 3 rounds against Portugal, our team was home and we were commissioned to create a league. Our moderator (nikitasharov) created the league on time. But very long sent invitations to rivals (30 minutes). No comments, no complaints were made. A week after the start of the battle, we learn that our ordinary player (not the captain) receives a message stating that our team is penalized 50 points for delaying invitations. This was done without notification to the captain of the battle. Just the Portuguese team decided to write directly to the administration of the game and we were condemned, even without having given anything to say in their defense.

    1. When we are a guest team, we always wait for the invitations to be sent to us, and sometimes we wait even more than half an hour.
    2. In the rules this situation is not described in any way and is not a violation. Therefore, how to get a fine without violating the rules, I do not understand.
    3. No one addressed us or made any claims to us. Neither the captain of the battle, nor the captain of the national team received any accusations of dishonest game.
    4. There is no evidence that the whole story is true either. Ie we were punished by a fine, without even providing evidence.
      With penalties, our team categorically does not agree, as there were no rules of the tournament. When we entered the tournament, we adopted the rules for holding it and fully observed it.
      I want to hear an official verdict from the administration with a clear description of the violation with reference to the point of rules and punishment.

  • According to Battlepedia
    All infringements must be reported within 48 hours after the breach happened, otherwise the report is invalid.
    IMO reporting a penalty after one week is ridiculous.

  • @didierluk there are still no reports of punishment. the captain of the battle he was not received. And the violation was not if you read the rules)

    the message was sent to a regular player who just plays and doesn't read the mail ((

  • WSC 2017/18: R3/3 - Group 2:

    Round 10/22:


  • @di̇ço55

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