New managers to my opponent team every day

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    I do not know if there is acceptable. I manage a team Man U, which is top one in my league at this time. In the past week, I have played with 4 or 5 weak teams, which did not have manager before the day they played with my team. Then, suddenly, there was a new manager join our league every day and manage my opponent team. They will use training camp and most of them would not log in back after the game with my team. We are already in the middle of the season. Therefore, I do not expect there would be new players want to join our league at this stage, especially to these weak teams. Probably one of my competitors (I guess it is the *****) invited his friends or even created new accounts to join the league and try his luck to beat me with training camp. Yes, the first training camp only costs 10bp for each of them. Although I still won these games, I am disturbed by this situation. I know he is trying hard, but I do not know if there is acceptable. In my opinion, this kind of behaviors is same as cheating. Can you please look into this?

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    if you suspect cheating of any kind and suspect a manager, you can report him by using the report cheater tool that can be found in his profile.
    Cheating will never be discussed on the forums.