Unactive managers

  • Hi,

    Im playing in seria a, premier league and la liga, in all three i have at least three unactive managers who didn't log in since October! Meaning, three of the most strong teams in every league are playing bad.

    It cause several issues:

    1. I cant bid for players in their teams. Because there is no respond. It comes together with the fact i cant bid for players out of my league. So many good players in my league are out of reach as welll!

    2. All their teams are out of the race for the title. Due to the fact no one manage, not human nor computer. Less fun.

  • English Moderator

    You can create your own league so you can be the moderator and will be able to kick inactive managers when they go inactive and invite new active managers to your league. There are also many options to buy players, even if these teams were managed by active managers there is no guarantee that they would accept your offer and if you also can't find the players you need on the transfer list you can as well use your scout to buy the type of players you need.

  • @king_jamiu_10


    1. Does a new manager can take over on a team in mid season?
      If i invited him. Didnt know that, but i dont have the coins for my own league.

    2. The scout gives me only 3 options. It cost 15 coins, takes many hours and it happened more than once that i didn't have the money to buy the players he suggested.

    3. Other option is the transfer market but i can't negotiate the price over there.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    yes a new player can join a league in the middle season, unless this league is protected.
    And the options of the scout are your responsibility, so you can always be more careful on what players you demand from the scout, or wait till you have much money and then open the scout.
    You can negotiate for players their team is managed from pc or active managers.

    Note : use different topics for your questions.