Players should be in their real life positions !!!!

  • English Users

    I think players in OSM should have their real positions like Left Wing, Central Mid, Right Mid, and more. It would be way easier to sort out your players, instead of one specific position like Forwards, Midfielders, and Defenders.There will be variety in the game as well as positioning players, and not have to replace your good players with other players actual position. Or OSM can just make the players adjustable like FIFA18.
    Please share this with everyone and follow me
    THANK YOU For your TIME!!!!!!

  • Turkish Users

    I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon.

  • English Moderator

    OSM makes our life simple...why having to choose between CM,RMLM ?? Isn't more easy just to have mid ? and use this player in any position you like ? but anyway thanks for your suggestion...anything can happen to OSM...why not seeing a change like the one you propose in the future updates...