Beginner Tips needed

  • Hi I am a beginner to this game and I haven't been able to find many tips on how to get better. I am playing my first season with Arsenal.

    • Is there a best set tactics to use or does it just depend on the situation/team?
    • Should you change your tactic for every opponent team?
    • How do you know what to change it to? Is it just trial and error?
    • Is spying worth it? I am not sure what to do with the information. I spied on the other team and they are going for 4-4-2 B formation with wing play and man to man marking and normal tackling. How do I defend against that?
    • As for stadium upgrades what should I focus on? Does it matter?
    • How does Finances vs Savings work? I understand you earn interest but not the rate.
      What are some other tips it took you awhile to learn but will help out a newbie?

  • @snarkybynature1 Hi, mate..
    I'm trying to help you based on my limited experienced..

    • For me, there's no single tactic or formation superior to the others.
    • It depends on your team as well as your opponent.
    • You can use your spy and get information about your opponent.
    • Yes. If your team better (worse) than your opponent, then you can try a more offensive (defensive) tactic /formation. You should know also that home team has a slight advantage than the away team.
    • It depends on your priority. Capacity for higher income, Pitch for more home advantage, and Training for faster training progression.
    • When you put your money on savings, you will get interest at the end of the day (after simulation). That makes your finances grow.
    • You can read it here.

    I know you will become a good manager. Good luck with your career, mate..
    Peace.. ✌

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate and welcome to the game,
    it would be better if you play at least some games first...many of your questions will find an answer by their own....and you haven't played even on e game yet...take a look at the topics of the forums and you will find many useful topics there, that will answer your questions...good luck with your carrier..

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