• I double check the league settings but why its not special league. I want to play only with my friends and i can't do this. You said it is not possible. So give my fons back. Or create a league for me. I choosed special league but and the other guys choosed teams again. Its second. It is not possible 🙂 close my leagues or give my fons back for create a league please!

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    Hi, then I'll ask you to fill in the bug report template that can be found on this topic >>>https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/308/important-info-please-read

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    @brkaygenc said in A bug report:

    I have a bug report. I opened league for play with my friends. And i choosed special league for only invite but the other guys came to my leagues and choosed the teams. I want my boss coins back for open league and play with my friends. I check already 2-3 times before open league. But it happened the other guys in my league now. And i have 2 leagues please close the leagues or shoot me out from league and you can give my 800 boss coins then i can open league or you can open league for me ( invite only) choose leicester city for me then we can play with my friends. Thanks.

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    Sorry mate but you'll have to do away with your league because this was your mistake and since leagues are locked automatically they are created.
    You probably opened up your league for your friends to join when other managers joined in.


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