Special offers just won't pay out.

  • Dutch Users

    First of all: Yes, I have read the common questions and yes, I have read the "What to do when..." but I can't contact them via there because it just says: "Have been paid out."

    It is a total of 215 boss coins that I haven't recieved although the businessclub support says I recieved them.

    I did 4, 5 or maybe 6 surveys, completed them with all of my information but never recieved any boss coins from there ... And as I said, I can't contact them.

    So my question is, what should I do now? Just accept the fact that they never pay out or is there something I can actually do about it?

  • @superxrobin_nl Hi, welcome.
    In this case please contact our Dutch support team by email: NL.support@onlinesoccermanager.com

    Don't forget to mention you're manager name and also the amount of managerpoints you should have received in the mail.